2022 Source Summit Itinerary

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Pre-Summit Workshops (3–6pm)

Voter Rights Discussion (3:10–4pm)

Panelists will discuss how voting is important to the overarching goal of serving disadvantaged communities, voting disparities within our local community and what is happening with voting rights locally and nationally.


Roy Lovelady, City of Columbia-Ward 3 Council Member
Mary Ratliff, Columbia, Missouri Branch-NAACP
D’Markus Thomas-Brown, PD Recovery Support and Reentry Opportunity Center
Rep. David Tyson Smith, Missouri State Representative-House District 45
Keith McIver, Sr. Director at American University-Moderator

Livable Wages Discussion (4:10–5pm)

Panelists will discuss what is a livable wage, ways to ensure that people receive livable wages, the challenges that disadvantaged individuals may experience as they work to become upwardly mobile (welfare cliff) as well as the challenges to businesses to pay individuals livable wages.


James Henderson, Financial Advisor, Rockbridge Financial Advisors
Kelli Van Doren, Extra Mile Coordinator, Love Columbia
Steve Smith, President & Chief Executive Officer, Job Point
Karen Hayes, Project Director, Columbia College, TRIO Opportunity Center
La Aunshe Briggs, Administrative and Finance Assistant, Heart of Missouri United Way
Keith McIver, Sr. Director at American University-Moderator

Making Unaffordable Housing Affordable (5:10–6pm)

Panelists will discuss the local housing crisis, challenges and potential solutions.


Randy Cole, Chief Executive Officer, Columbia Housing Authority CEO
Maria Oropallo, Public Relations Specialist, Self-Employed
Diane Suhler, Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia College
Jane Williams, Executive Director, Love Columbia
Conrad Hake, Program Manager, Side by Side Coaching, Love Columbia-Moderator

Pre-Summit Event and Business Expo (6–9pm)

Business Expo & Source Summit-Ribbon Cutting

The Source Summit-Columbia Roundtable Community Partnering Agreement-Signing

MACC-Cycle of Success Training Program Partnership

Special Guest Entertainment and Diabetes Education Advocate:
Ms. Angie Whitman, Diabetes Squad Up, LLC

Friday, November 11, 2022

Greetings and Invocation (8:30am)

Welcome and Remarks

Mayor Barbara Buffaloe, Mayor, City of Columbia


Mary Ratliff, President, Columbia, Missouri Branch NAACP
Rep. David Tyson Smith, Missouri State Representative-House District 45

State of the Summit Address (9:30am)

Dr. Lester Woods will provide the vision, mission and purpose of the Source Summit initiative. He will provide an update and overview of the activities performed by the members of the Source Summit Roundtable, since last year’s summit.


Dr. Lester Woods, Jr., Senior Pastor, Urban Empowerment Ministries, and Convener, The Source Summit

What You Need to Know about the City of Columbia (10am)

A discussion with the City of Columbia Mayor and Manager about their vision for the future for the City.


Barbara Buffaloe, City of Columbia-Mayor
De’Carlon Seewood, City of Columbia-Manager

The Power of Social Change through Local Non-Profit Organizations (11am)

This session will provide an opportunity to share social concerns that our community faces and the activities that community based organizations perform to address some of those concerns. Additionally, this session brings awareness to how the community may partner in these efforts.


Dr. Janice Dawson-Threat, Founder and Executive Director, Grade A Plus Incorporated,
Ann Merrifield, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri,
Abigail Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbia
Bishop Damian Dean, Executive Director, United Community Builders

Luncheon Event (12–1pm)

The Source Summit Award Ceremony

“Economic and Social Concerns Advocacy Award”

“The Source Summit Veteran Award”

Dr. Lester Woods, Jr., Convener, The Source Summit-Columbia

Lunch will be provided during the 12-1pm Awards Ceremony

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Brian Yearwood, Superintendent, Columbia Public Schools

Friday Afternoon (1–5pm)

Helping Justice Involved Individuals Chart a New Path Forward - How Grassroot Diversion Programs are Setting the Standard for Success (1pm)

In this session, panelists will elaborate on the identified need for powerful mentorship and diversion programming to quail the rising cause of violence in the community. Having spent time in the penal system has given each of these rehabilitated leaders the perspective necessary to lead the charge in addressing the dilemmas faced by justice involved individuals. Hear more about their respective programs and how they’ve made the decision to give back to their community and directly impact lives!


Bobby Harrison, Independent Contractor, National Gutter Alliance
Lonnie Lockhart, Executive Director, Destiny of Hope
Julian Jackman, Executive Director/Founder, P.E.A.C.E.
Mataka Askari, Peer Support Specialist, Connections to Success
Annelle Whitt, MAC Scholars (Columbia Public Schools)-Moderator

Upward Mobility — Bonne County’s Plan to Improve Upward Mobility from Poverty (2pm)

Join local leaders in discussing the importance of Upward Mobility within Boone County. The county was one of eight counties nationwide selected to join the Upward Mobility Cohort with funding from the Urban Institute. This project culminated in the creation of a Mobility Action Plan, which was developed through an intentional community engagement process which centered equity, data, and the desires of community members with lived experiences. The Mobility Action Plan outlines results, indicators, root causes, and strategic actions aimed at improving upward mobility from poverty in Boone County. Come join this session to hear from facilitators who led the process and county leaders who want to implement the Mobility Action Plan!


Joanne Nelson, Director, Boone County Community Services Department
Alvin Plummer, Stakeholder Facilitator, Minority Men’s Network
Alvin Cobbins, Stakeholder Facilitator, Minority Men’s Network
D’Andre Thompson, Program DEI Specialist, Boone County Community Services Department-Moderator

Understanding the Ramifications of Urban Renewal/Eminent Domain on Black Business Development – Then & Now (The Rise and fall of the Sharp End Business District) (3pm)

During this session panelist will share perspective on the historical relevance of divestment and government sanctioned removal of black owned businesses. The economic fallout has had lasting ramifications for investment opportunities in the black community in cities like Columbia and others throughout the rest of the country. Panelist will share first hand testimonies of the challenges that have remained due to a lack of committed support and acknowledgement from officials, business leaders, and the overall community. Information will be shared on the infamous Sharp End Business District and its contribution to the vibrancy of Columbia until it’s dismantlement in the 1960’s due to urban renewal. The discussion will ultimately center on how both the business sector and government sector can come together to assist in providing solutions for the growing gap in black business development in Columbia. Sit in on this eye-opening conversation that will be sure to enlighten you!


Barbra Horrell, Community Historian, University of Missouri (Retired)
Nickie Davis, CTA, Executive Director, Downtown CID
Raymond Hall, Minority Business Coordinator, REDI
Keith McIver, Senior Director of Development, American University, Moderator

Building a Culture of Racial Justice – How Organizations can go Beyond Endorsements and Slogans to Create Trust in the Community (4pm)

Creating a strong inclusive culture is paramount to recruiting, retaining, and revolutionizing today’s workforce. The obstacle that many organizations face currently in the workplace deals directly with overcoming macro-aggressions, bigotry, and a hostile environment for employees of color. This has translated to the increase in diversity workshops and targeted slogans that are shared publicly to denounce racism companywide. In the wake of racial reckoning throughout our nation, panelists will explore how organizations can remain committed to creating a workplace culture that is supportive of racial justice while going beyond catchphrases, sensational endorsements or slogans. This will be a powerful conversation filled with gripping insights from community thought leaders!


Macie Peterman, Director of Inclusion & Engagement, Shelter Insurance
Nikki Carter, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, MU Healthcare
Andrew Grabau, President & CEO, Heart of Missouri United Way
Kari Utterback, Senior Administrative Supervisor, Public Health and Human Services (Boone County/City of Columbia)
Secily Devese, Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, Veterans United
Keith McIver, Senior Director of Development, American University-Moderator

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Greetings and Invocation (8:30am)

Welcome and Remarks

Dr. Lester Woods, Jr., Senior Pastor, Urban Empowerment Ministries & Convener, The Source Summit Global

Back to the Basics: Prepared for the Marketplace (9am)

A session exploring the ongoing impact of faith-based communities in a post-modernalistic, post pandemic era designed to engage forward thought into conceptualizing organizational adaptivity, social hyper conscientiousness and impact of societal and culture shifts as the Source Summit Global conference continues to convene stakeholders to influence economic and social change for individuals within communities nationwide. Championing the framework of “Where do we go from here” will unite a cusp of informed dialogue, knowledgeable discussion and an empowered faith-based driven perspective.


Apostle Whittley Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Lamont Walker Ministries and Executive Director and Vice President, Nevada Health Centers

A Call to Faith and Works: Refreshing the Mandate for Community Impact and Service (10am)

Join this anticipated time with a diverse panel of faith-based leaders who will tackle questions and offer dialogue on the importance of faith-based communities continuing to answer the call and assignment of supporting community impact and service in the local community. Panelists will provide insight and examples of efforts and initiatives that have supported and served those from various walks of life, hone in on target populations they serve, local collaboration opportunities and insights into how to successfully mobilize teams to remain encouraged in both faith and works.


Pastor Michael Acock, Senior Pastor, Christian Fellowship
Pastor Masood Heidari, Co-Pastor, Woodcrest
Mr. Stefan Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, PowerHouse Ministries
Pastor Jonathon Lowe, Senior Pastor, Unity Christian Center International-Moderator

Community Case Study: Best Practices and Lessons Learned (10am)


Bishop Damian Dean, Executive Director, United Community Builders

Survive and Thrive: Mental and Behavioral Health Mandate (11am)

Acknowledging and addressing mental and behavioral health concerns remains a top priority for many faith-based organizations and leaders. The ongoing importance of mental health and its significant role in the ability for communities to balance a sense of security and social structure will be explored in this interactive session through open dialogue, professional expertise and exploring balance between the concepts of spiritually, faith and caring for mental health.

Dr. Christine Woods, Pastor, Urban Empowerment Ministries, Christine Woods, LLC., and Crowned Counseling Services, CEO

Break and Lunch

Bridging the Gap: Faith-Based Partnership Successions that Work (12:30pm)

As in other sectors explored this week such as education and economics – building functioning, credible and fruitful relationships often drive, shape and support the development of faith-based organizations within the communities they serve at-large. During this powerful forum, experienced local community leaders, will engage in a panel-styled open dialogue regarding the importance of expanding, diversifying and maintaining effective and transformational relationships to accomplish, drive and steward the mission, vision and purpose of organizations that are committed to creating positive change and powerful outcomes for the people in which they serve.


Apostle Russell Freeman, Senior Pastor, United Community Cathedral
Pastor David Ballenger, Senior Pastor, Log Providence Missionary Baptist Church
Dr. Rod Casey, Director, Theological Education initiative
Dr. Lester Woods, Jr., Senior Pastor, Urban Empowerment Ministries & Convener, The Source Summit Global-Moderator

The Role of the Church in Social, Economic and Racial Equity (1:30pm)

This keynote session is designed to provide a framework to the role and importance of the faith-based community in ongoing engagement of social, economic and racial equity paradigms in today’s society including the importance of individuals and collective groups using their talents and experience to improve and progressively shape the communities which they live and serve. Dive into an inspirationally-based oration of the continued impact of faith-based organizations in improving access to resources, participation, diversity and human rights.

Dr. Ayanna Shivers, Senior Pastor, New Horizons United Methodist Church

Closing Thoughts and Prayer (2pm)

Dr. Lester Woods, Jr., Senior Pastor, Urban Empowerment Ministries & Convener, The Source Summit Global